Getting started with NVIDIA Omniverse KIT — handling selection

Working with CustomData on USD Prims

I’d like to note that a more sustainable way of putting your domain data into USD is by defining schemas, see USD Schema Documentation here:

setting custom data:
prim.SetCustomDataByKey(“my_data_key”, my_data)
getting custom data:
my_data = prim.GetCustomDataByKey("my_data_key")
iterating over all custom data:
for key in prim.GetCustomData():
value = prim.GetCustomDataByKey(key)

Subscribing to selection events:

We subscribe for all stage events in the startup callback of the extension:

def on_startup(self, ext_id):  
self._usd_context = omni.usd.get_context()
self._selection = self._usd_context.get_selection()
self._events = self._usd_context.get_stage_event_stream()
self._stage_event_sub = self._events.create_subscription_to_pop(
name='my stage update'
def on_shutdown(self): # cleanup 
self._window = None
self._stage_event_sub = None
def _on_stage_event(self, event):
if event.type == int(omni.usd.StageEventType.SELECTION_CHANGED):
def _on_selection_changed(self):
selection = self._selection.get_selected_prim_paths()
stage = self._usd_context.get_stage()
print(f'== selection changed with {len(selection)} items')
if selection and stage:
for selected_path in selection:
print(f' item {selected_path}:')
prim = stage.GetPrimAtPath(selected_path)
for key in prim.GetCustomData():
print(f' — {key} = {prim.GetCustomDataByKey(key)}')

Creating a GUI

Now we want to create a GUI which displays the selected prim path and lists all custom data attributes in a simple key value list.

GUI displaying custom data attributes

selected prim path:

selected prim path display
#-- create simplestringmodel with initial value "-":self._selected_primpath_model = ui.SimpleStringModel(“-”) [...]#-- create a readonly stringfield for display using this model: self._selectedPrimName = ui.StringField( 

customdata attributes:

custom data property display
class CustomDataAttributesModel(ui.AbstractItemModel):
def set_prim(self, usd_prim ):
# we reset the model with the new custom data
self._children = []
for key in usd_prim.GetCustomData():
item = NameValueItem(key, usd_prim.GetCustomDataByKey(key))
# emit data changed
class NameValueItem(ui.AbstractItem):
def __init__(self, text, value):
self.name_model = ui.SimpleStringModel(text)
self.value_model = ui.SimpleStringModel(value)
tree_view = ui.TreeView(
column_widths=[ui.Fraction(0.4), ui.Fraction(0.6)],
style={'TreeView.Item': {'margin': 4}})



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